• David Chaupis Meza

    David Chaupis Meza

    Escritor, http://bit.ly/dchaupis | FreeLance Researcher: Neuroscience & Biotechnology #SocialInnovation + #BioemprendimientoLATAM Fw. @ChaupisMeza

  • Andres Alonso Gomez

    Andres Alonso Gomez

    MD || Master of Healthcare Leadership - UC San Diego ||

  • Michelle Korte

    Michelle Korte

    Tempered optimist, chronic hair-twirler, helpless caffeine addict. @HarvardPublicHealth, former @poverty_action Myanmar & Uganda, @IntraHealth @ghcorps @yale

  • Garry Choy MD MBA

    Garry Choy MD MBA

    Physician / Radiologist / CMO with interest in #HealthIT and #datascience @ Health Tech Venture, Q & previously @ Mass General in Imaging+Innovation

  • Nathan Brewer, Ph.D.

    Nathan Brewer, Ph.D.

    Calcu-more not Calculus, Calcu-now not Calculator

  • ginelli amari

    ginelli amari

  • Franco Villagarcia

    Franco Villagarcia

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